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Simple Way To Prepare 30-DAY FOOD SUPPLY Without Breaking The Bank

Simple Way To Prepare 30-DAY FOOD SUPPLY Without Breaking The Bank

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It is widely recommended for new preppers to store a 30 day food supply for emergency. But can you do that without breaking the bank?

Well, it is easier than you think.  

Store Everyday Food

One of the biggest mistakes new preppers constantly making is that they focus in survival food and specialized products.

Your first 30 days of stored food should be food that you eat every day, or at least often. This is food you know you like, know that won’t plug up or loosen your bowels, and food you already know how to cook.

While survival buckets of food are great they should not be your first step in creating your emergency food supply.

Plan Ahead

A lot of people will also buy food just willy nilly and decide they will figure out how to eat it when the emergency arises.

If you take the time now to prep for specific meals and how you will cook them (if they need cooked) you will save yourself at least some grief during the emergency. You will have a menu in place and won’t have to take your attention from your current situation (and possibly protection of your family) to figure out what’s for supper, if you have planned ahead.

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One For a Friend

Another thing I often hear is that “I can’t afford to stock up.” This is easy to overcome if you take to long vision approach and plan ahead.

When shopping (even on a restricted budget) you should look at your preps as a friend. So when you shop you buy one for me (yourself) and one for a friend (your preps) and put the extra into your pantry as storage. This will build up extra of the food you already eat in no time. Even if it is only an extra can of tuna, after a few regular shopping trips you will be well on your way to having a 30 day supply of food in your pantry.

Keep Track

Once you have started getting extra of what you already eat you will need to rotate your supply and eat the older things first.

The easiest way to do this is to get a sharpie marker and write the date on things when you put them away. Then when you use something take the oldest date out of your cupboard.

Getting your first 30 supply of food is important, and easy if you if you follow the simple steps I have outlined.

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